Welcome to Worldwide Protection Group

From the desk of: Allan Wheeler, CEO and Ryan Dean, President                   

Worldwide Protection Group, is an armed protective service specializing in Personal protection one on one or teams of 2 or more including;
  • Executive protection of Government officials & Foreign Dignitaries, VIP Executives, Stars of Stage and Screen, Events/Ceremonies (private or public) or Travel Companions
  • Child Protection Custody Battles, Court witness Appearances, Kidnapping Threats
  • Transportation Security Cartage/Convoy Protection, Assets Protection & Estates Site Security , Money and bullion transfers
  • Anti Piracy Import / Export Escorts
  • Consulting Security Breaches & Training Scenarios, Security Assessments, Counter Terrorism & Anti Terrorism Ops.

We are high risk specialists. To us any loss is unacceptable. Our agents are highly trained and highly disciplined. Our experience includes US Military Special Operations and Special Law Enforcement experience in a variety of disciplines so as we can be assured mission success for all of our clients. Many of our agents have served in at least one combat mission worldwide and have worked under secret/ top secret clearances.

We work well under pressure and are nationally or internationally deployable. Worldwide Protection Group agents train hard all year long as well so that our unit cohesion is second to none. In the security business there is no room for error. We are a self sustaining force protection service to include a quick reactionary force (QRF) that supports the individuals or assets being secured. Most of the time we act as a visual deterrent and there is no need for physical force. If and when force is needed we have the means and options of non-lethal or lethal force. We are dedicated to your mission success.

In addition to our security services we also offer: Discreet private investigations in all fields , in-depth background investigations,  Interpreters in many language skills, Clientele scenario training, Firearms & marksmanship training, High risk warrant service, Fugitive Recovery and Transportation, Underwater Search and Rescue, Helicopter/Fixed wing flight operations.

We look forward to forming business partnerships for new ventures. Company references and background information available at request.